New release on Elektrodos Recordings: Cyberreign presents Mutation Translation

  • E2REC005 is out on Elektrodos Recordings, exclusively on Junodownload - Cybereign presents: Mutation Translation!

    The fifth release on Elektrodos Recordings is the brainchild of Cybereign: a collaborative full-length, 10 track album release that sees him working with Alavux, Dark Vektor, Fleck ESC, Nessbeth, Paracas Topara, Pl_anet, Robertiano Filigrano and TECHcontrol, as well as two brilliant remixes from Amper Clap and Nexus 23. Bringing creative minds together is what it's all about, and we at E2REC are proud to have this unique blend of styles on our label.

    Cat. No.: E2REC-005
    Label: Elektrodos Recordings
    Artists: Cybereign / Various
    Format: Digital
    Release date: 27 October 2017 (Juno)

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