[AGD023] Dr Floyd - Mind Programming EP

  • Dr Floyd - Mind Programming EP [AGD023] (Anti Gravity Device)

    1. Program To 16K ZX81
    2. Electro Bass Computer
    3. Phonorox
    4. Mono Body Machine
    5. Relict Signal
    6. MC505 Seq

    Digital release on: Bandcamp

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    Label: Anti Gravity Device
    Release Date: July 20, 2017
    Cat. No: AGD023

    Produced By Kirill Junolainen
    Artwork By Kirill Junolainen
    Mastered By Kirill Junolainen

    # Dr Floyd PROFILE

    Russian producer born in 1977, now based in Turku (Finland) and Saint Petersburg (Russia). He is the founder of Datarocket Records, Lasergum Records and Intraflex Records.


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