Leeroy ( The Project Monthly ) GFR

  • this months show for your listening pleasure. Feat, Tracks from Siak PHD, Franck Kartell, Deemphasis, Maschine Brennt, Commuter and loads more of electronic mayhem old and new


  • This Months show for your listening pleasure an exclusive mix of the forthcoming Model Citizens LP, ARE FRIENDS ELECTRO ?. Mixed by DJ Mirage ( Nick Walker ) the man behind so many great electro mixes. Feat all the tracks from the LP plus a few added bonuses from Phil Klein and Matt Whitehead Under their other guises as well as a few more.
    Due for imminent release via Dominance Electricity . This lp is a must for any true electro fan and is not to be missed so make sure you grab a copy from http://www.saveoursounds.net/en/de.html


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