[AGD012] Fleck E.S.C - Bloodliner

  • Fleck E.S.C - Bloodliner [AGD012] (Anti Gravity Device)

    1. The Psycho Files
    2. Seq Seeker
    3. Bloodliners
    4. Deranged
    5. Crakers
    6. Liker
    7. Side Dish
    8. At The Shoe Shop
    9. Intoxication
    10. Good Manners

    Digital and CD release on: Bandcamp

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    Label: Anti Gravity Device
    Release Date: December 17, 2015
    Cat. No: AGD012

    Produced By Fleck E.S.C
    Artwork By Inhuman Designed
    Mastered By Space Thunder X

    Fleck E.S.C PROFILE:

    Franck Collin, aka Fleck E.S.C, is an Electro artist originally from France currently living in the buzzing metropolis of Tokyo, Japan.
    Franck’s earlier experience playing bass and drums in bands, and his love of horror, science fiction and B-movies, naturally drove him to the Electro music scene.
    Additionally, Fleck E.S.C has influences rooted in New Wave, Contemporary, Techno and Ambient music.
    Fleck E.S.C tries to avoid the cliches of the Electro genre, leaning more toward the spooky side of horror and sci-fi and the cheap retro sounds in tribute of the movies he loves.
    Never too serious, unpretentious, and always striving for fresh sounds, Fleck E.S.C’s music aims to distract the body and the brain.
    Franck Collin has also worked in movie productions as a camera assistant . He has also created music for Lipton Cafe Shibuya in Tokyo, theatre performances in Berlin, Germany and the soundtrack for the film,”Astroboy in Robotland”, by renowned director of “Delicatessen” and “The Lost Children”, Marc Caro.
    He has also performed as Fleck E.S.C in a number of venues in Europe and Japan.


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