MetaComplex - Biometric Identification

  • Hey guys,

    I am really happy to introduce you my new album "Biometric Identification".
    It is available on Bandcamp as digital download, and on CD!

    At the moment you can pre-order the album, and you can listen an album preview which contains
    snippets from all 6 tracks (But some full tracks are already uploaded to my SoundCloud page) ;)

    This is the full tracklist with durations:

    Holographic Image (5:32)
    Android DNA (5:20)
    Biometric Identification (6:08)
    Dominion (5:17)
    Controlled Identity (4:44)

    Dataflow (5:43)

    There is also a special limited edition double CD pack which contains this album on CD,
    and my previous EP "Digital Visions" on a 8cm disc. (Previously only available in digital.)

    Hope you will enjoy the album! Every feedback, and support are warmly welcome!

    Tamás / MetaComplex


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