Kid Ginseng / Lexander James - Curious Quartz Funk (Kraftjerkz 021)

  • hello party people:)

    to air on intergalactic fm Disco Panonia program next tues.6th of
    october 8pm CET. IFM 1

    Kid Ginseng / Lexander James - Curious Quartz Funk (Kraftjerkz 021)

    available to purchase here:

    Do you find the funk, or does the funk find you? This is a split
    release featuring Lexander James and Kid Ginseng. The man behind
    Lexander James lives near the tar sands in the frozen city of
    Edmonton, Alberta, where artists are shut-ins to avoid frozen skin.
    Here he contributes two emotional and driving, electrofunk tracks
    perfect for mixing with LA electro. Kid Ginseng delivers a stellar
    egypt/latino hybrid track featuring the sexy vocals of Wendy James
    (formerly of) UK rock group, Transvision Vamp. San Francisco's DJ 2
    Fresh provides this excellent edit of "So Furious." enjoy Curious
    Quartz Funk where it is intended to play. on the floor or in a frozen
    shack. Wendy James has a killer full-length rock LP coming in October.

    thanks to all the freaks:)


    :)-r KG

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