old school Miami Bass: CHA-OS vs BASSING GUILD "Super Bass Traxx" (12" vinyl)

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    Cha-os vs Bassing Guild "Super Bass Traxx" EP (Super Rhythm Trax) 2015

    A1. Cha-os - This Is Too Much Bass (UK Edit)
    A2. Bassing Guild - B-Boyonik
    B1. Cha-os vs Bassing Guild - Party People (You must Follow Us)
    B2. Cha-os vs Bassing Guild - Party People (You must Follow Us) Scratch Edit

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    Quote from Super Rhythm Trax

    Super Rhythm Trax throws you a curveball with unreleased Miami Bass treats from legendary old skool crew Cha-os (Jock D and Lon Alonzo of Dynamix II) and UK Electro's finest, Bass Junkie & Dexorcist aka Bassing Guild. This includes a brand new version of the 1990 classic, 'This is Too Much Bass' and is limited and strictly for the bass heads among you.

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