I want to make electro. Where to start??

  • I think if you're just starting in music Ableton is a very good starting point.

    you can download a demo off their site.

    the software has drum machines, synths and sampler applications.
    I bought the full version ($500) and I am VERY happy with it, it makes music creation and realization easy and fun.

    after you check Ableton out for a while you can expand on that; buying Trigger Finger ($150) to play drum parts, getting a MIDI keyboard to play melodies and basslines, then maybe getting into hardware (drum machines and synths)
    There's a lot of info on the internet to expand upon your knowledge

    If you don't want to start off with the software/computer route, I suggest getting a sampler maybe the Korg ES1 or Roland SP-404 for example. The reason I suggest a sampler is so you'll always have new sounds and unlike a single drum machine can do basslines and melodies.

    m71@markseventyone.com if you need more info.

  • all jokes aside.. start with software and old skool samples to learn the direction you wanna go in. and when you can buy some GEAR, start cheap .. you can get a good ole old skool drum pattern with a roland 505 and those you can buy cheap. you can also buy a cheap Yamaha Dx 7 for $200 . start there hope this helps.

  • Easy Tele i'm in the same boat as you mate been a DJ for 20 odd years now want to start making my own Electro Tracks i've just got Fruity Loops 8 and Reason 4 to get me into it and a midi controller keyboard.
    I've also bought a DMX thats been converted to midi,but have not really used that much...

    I think software is a good starting point and it gets you used to making drum patterns etc....
    and if you cant read music like me then Reason will quantize your keyboard playing so dont matter if you play
    out of time to much...

    I think that i will probably buy hardware as i go along as the retro stuff is quite expensive.

    Hope this helps......


  • Software is defo the place to start, after all, even if you get hardware you gonna need a seqeuncer to drive it all ( via midi etc)
    Im using FL8 as primary, altho i got Ableton and Reason 4 too.
    Reason is fine, apart the lack of vst support, and a fella needs his plug ins i can tell ya lol.
    It will be a long learning curve for you, but after a while it should click.
    Concentrate on laying down some drum tracks, get to know how things fit together, using basic fx such as reverbs and delays.
    Then ya got compressors to figure out lol !
    Its a good idea to find out a bit about digital recording, lotsa good sites online to get tips from.
    Really though, the best way is to just sit down for an hour or so whenever you can and simply fiddle !!
    Hands on is always better

    Good luck !!

  • Yo Mirage wudup. Thanks for ur input. I feel that DJing (mixing) is a bit like composing. I used to tell myself I can't mix because I had decided I can't write music... but I have an urge now to make music - which is cool :)
    Yes, I think the first step everyone has advised me is to get acqainted with is drum patterns on reason. I have also been told if I can read music it helps a lot but I haven't gotten as far as to know how yet!!
    I would love to play an instrument tho, and jam w/ ppl!

    :) tele

  • Yo DJR21

    For some reason, I thought u were in London so I thought I might see u on Saturday!

    Yea I guess a lot of music is made on software now especially electronic music. I guess it's like learning any other new software (image editing or VJing). I think I just have an itch to strum something. lol but it would be hard to make it sound like electro. he he. But yea, it would definitely be the best way to get my ideas down ... like how i want things to sound.

    Thanks :) Good luck to all budding electro producers!

  • Hey Tele!
    Im just outside london, i couldnt make it because of family stuff im afraid.
    I really did wanna go though, i hope you can get another night sorted 'cos i'll defo go next time !
    Glad it all went well for everyone, it looked like a blast !


  • oh and Tele, i wouldn't worry too much about being able to read music.
    Many established artists electro or otherwise can't read music.
    Most sequencers are of the piano roll variety, not music notation.
    Just go with what u feel !

  • Start with software. Reason is a good all in one solution to learn the ropes. Lots of making electronic music is learning the craft - how to make good beats, how to make rumbling bass, what works for melodies, how much delay, how much compression. These basics, that come before great art, can be learned on nearly every platform. After you have those things down, and you know what direction suits you best, then you will be able to chose the right equipment to expand your studio.

    What I would definitely do right from the beginning: Get good monitor speakers. The ear is the best judge, and it can easily be mislead by crappy speakers.

  • I know that this will probably be pooh-poohed here, but go get yourself a cheap elementary book on keyboard music theory. Not one that concentrates on notation, but one that deals with keys, fingering, notes, chords and scales. There are only 12 notes on a keyboard, it is not very hard to get to know them and their relationship with each other. Do this and it will serve you well!

  • Also don't forget if you are using software, make sure you have a good soundcard. This is one of the most important first steps along with good monitors.

    I produce with Ableton and it works well. It has drum racks built in so you don't have to use NI battery or any drum vsts. It's hard to buy good hardware on a tight budget. Spend your money on a good soundcard which should run you about $200-400. HQ monitors are also very expensive. You should be able to find some pretty good free vsts that will help you get started. Tal audio makes some pretty good free ones http://kunz.corrupt.ch/?Products.

    For beats download some samples of the roland 808 and other drum machines (There are some good sample packs of various drum machiens that you can download on thepiratebay).

    This should be all you need to get started for now. Hope this helps.

  • Start Cheap - Honest!

    Hardware: you can pickup an Rm1x off ebay £190 and learn it - you'll learn everything on it
    production, effects useage. The sounds arent cutting edge but thats not the point.
    Plus the major benefit I found was whenever I got an idea (even in the middle of the night) i could reach for it by the side of my bed and get my ideas down - no walking into a studio full of gear hoping for inspiration. I still use it now to this day for the above reason

    Software - probably fruity loops (now FL Studio) or Reason (Reason if I had to choose)

    Just get your feet wet cheaply - then move up - I fell for the classic trap of getting all the gear but i still had to go back to square one to learn the basics - theres no real shortcut (although its easier now)

    p.s. Cosmo D is on the money

  • all answers is correct,but i think that is better you to create a own style,i use the ableton live,,but the fl is very cool,,to learn about keyboards,ideas about pad,melody,synths,organs,piano,lead,bass......goodies productions.....

  • Quote from Kyberdyne;28734

    FL studio's rendering engine sucks and I would avoid it like the plague. It teaches you bad habits. Ableton is just as easy to learn and better IMO.

    How come it sucks? What do you mean that it sucks? Bad audio quality? What? I just don't get why people say things like that when you don not have any actual evidence of it. Yes you can argue that the mixer sucks because it's too small and you have two master volume faders, but beside of those issues FL Studios "sound engine" (basically 2 + 2 = 4 calculations) is the same as in any other engines.

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