Desperately need advice on more informtaion for DJ SUFF

  • Can anybody please recommend a good quality and decent stage light for events at a reasonable price?

    I need a new moving head light. I don't like led light , so something on a stand is what I aim for.
    It must be able to smooth scanning,horizontal scan 540 degrees, 260 degrees vertical scanning.

    I originally bought CREE RGBW LED Beam Light Fixture, but it's hardly what people on the internet say - when I put it in such distance as needed, my voice is so quiet I can hardly make anything out of it. Alternatively, if I enable microphone boost, I start echoing like crazy and there's nothing I can do about it (no effects help either).
    Is there anything I can buy in let's say roughly $100 range?

  • Hey guys.i am going for a moving head light. i don't really know a lot about stage lighting equipment and stuff, so i thought you guys could help me out. i found two that, to me look appealing:…-beam-white-light-fixture…ght-1430-channels-fixture

    I'm gonna to use the light for several years through it.Is there anything I can buy, let's say roughly $100 range? if you have a better option for around the same price range please let me know. thanks guys!

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