dmx krew- standing stones beltane edition

  • repress special beltane edition…stones-repress/543681-01/

    red/orange silk screen printing, red vinyl.

    Across western Europe,pillars of stone stand as silent testament to human resilience.In desolate clearings or among
    straw-roofed cottages,they lift their craggy faces skyward.Some cast their shadows on only a few companions,others are
    collected in solemn congregations.They make circles,open-air temples,long corridors leading to forgotten places.
    What was their purpose? Burial chambers,ceremonies,.. we dont know.

    Standing Stones, the first album of Mystic & Quantum Records by Dmx Krew, bring us a part of the history, local legends, magic
    and knowledge.Take a listen and start the adventure.

    DMX KREW- Standing Stones
    10 tracks LP
    color vinyl
    silk screen printing
    limited copies 180
    Artwork-layout – Alek Stark
    Mastering – Alek Stark


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