Electric chill pill vol 5

  • Perfect for warm summer days and nights..


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    Anthony Rother - Zukunft
    Weltwirtschaft - The end
    Darude - Touch me feel me
    MetaComplex - Analogue molecules
    Koan - Winged knights
    Dark Vektor - Home 2.0
    The Silicon Scientist - Luce and the japanese
    Cosmic Baby - You are always in my heard
    Carl Finlow - Night owl
    LektroiD - Eta Carina
    Paul Hardcastle - M13
    Obergman - Borexino
    DVS NME - Odysea
    Electro Berlin - Mi bebe
    Scape One - Distinct century
    Morphology - Dust solution
    Silicon Scally - Silent years
    N-ter - Birth of new life
    Plant 43 - Twilight sequence
    The Exaltics - Play around
    EOD - Phontron
    Paul Blackford - Reflections
    The Other People Place - Let me be me
    Der Zyklus - Electronisches zeitecho
    Drexciya - Lake haze

    date - 15-7-14
    time - 79-45
    size - 182
    rate - 320

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