Vagon Brei - The secret of Swamp Castle LP (preorder) M&Q003

  • Mystic and Quantum 003 preview
    out in June


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    What is the secret of Swamp Castle? What dark secrets are waiting to be unearthed?
    In this story, Dr. Daniel Jackson accompanied by the archaeologist miss Tulipa Avecrem are going to find an answer...
    An answer about why they woke up with no memory after the first night in Mêlée Island..
    An answer about a strange map of a Fortress they have with them...
    An answer about why they are still alive...
    Its time to find the answers, its time to start a new adventure!

    Vagon Brei - Secret of Swamp Castle LP

    Mystic & Quantum 003
    Music by Vagon Brei
    Mastered by Alek Stark at Fundamental Audio.
    Artwork by Alek Stark.
    Artwork titles by Alex M. Diez

    Limited edition 180 copies.
    Silk Screen printing pink over green cardboard.
    Hi quality pink vinyl.
    artwork story flyer included

    by Alex M. Diez


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