• short modular synthesizer track with a cutted interview about aliens...

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  • Quote from Keruba;69680

    Who are they?

    Good Question, and awesome sounds.

    What synth did you use for this piece?

    hey, thanks guys for listening to. :)

    i made this with the doepfer modular synthesizer + some other non doepfer modules used here. the main melody is an attenuated lfo running through the doepfer quantizer and then routed to three tip top z3000 vco´s if i remember correctly. the vcos going to the livewire frequensteiner filter in bandpass mode, i think, modulated by another or two lfo´s and a sequencer. the additional high pitched string sounds are from the macbeth micromac euro modul, also modulated by something... sorry can´t remember excactly. the filter bassline in the backgrond comes from the juno 60 wich is modulated via vcf in from the modular system with an lfo through the manhatten cvp modul. all lfo´s are resetted at some points to get it looped. the deep laser shot are two vco´s frequency modulated and hitted with an adsr envelope. an interview with major donald keyhoe is cutted together for the voice samples. maybe i forgot something here and there, because i made it in april...


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