VA - Sunny Beach Summer 2013 [Cloning Sound] :: OUT NOW

  • Cloning Sound record label has just released a Compilation of 13 burning tracks under the ‘Sunny Beach Summer 2013’ title which will extrapolate you right to the hot spot of the most full-blooded Summer happenings out there. Yeah, we are talking about Sunny Beach – one of the most sought-after European see resorts where the underground music movement gathers extreme speed and value. The label’s co-owners, Pacho & Pepo, being very important figures in the development of the same, are going to conduct a Cloning Sound showcase at Dance Club Mania with a special guest – Pirupa, on August 23rd. Meanwhile, considering their reach live music experience, Pacho & Pepo have selected some pretty outstanding tracks by both young promising talents and established names in the genre for the ‘Sunny Beach Summer 2013’ tech/deep house & techno edition incl. Darkrow, Electronic Therapy a.k.a Max & Danny, Jesus Soblechero, Blagov, Febrij Jimenez, Borja Maneje, Artur Nikolaev and Carlo Lio’s Remix for Ellectrica vs. Nick & Danny Chatelain – ‘Backspin’. The compilation also includes Pacho & Pepo’s own production – 3 common collaborations as well as two tunes by each of them.

    Here is the ‘Sunny Beach Summer 2013’ preview mix:
    Check the track list below:
    1. Pacho & Pepo - Simple Solution (Original Mix)
    2. Darkrow - Tripped (Original Mix)
    3. Pepo - Put Your Body Down (Original Mix)
    4. Electronic Therapy - People Get Down (Original Mix)
    5. Pacho - Arambol (Original Mix)
    6. Jesus Soblichero - Holder (Original Mix)
    7. Pacho & Pepo - True Love (Original Mix)
    8. Blagov - Big Trouble (Original Mix)
    9. Ellectrica, Nick & Danny – Backspin (Carlo Lio Remix)
    10. Pacho & Pepo - What’s Going On (Original Mix)
    11. Febrij - Dulce de Guandul (Original Mix)
    12. Borja Maneje - Neutron (Original Mix)
    13. Artur Nikolaev - Summer Wave (Original Mix)

    Download ‘Sunny Beach Summer 2013’ here:…-2013-compilation/1134485

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